Academic Services

Academic Resources

Academic services

You have many paths to academic success at Vincennes University. 

  1. Bookstore
    The Vincennes University bookstore is a great place to visit. Here, you will find your textbooks for classes as well as school supplies and VU apparel. 
  2. Center for Teaching and Learning
    Need some help with Blackboard? The Center for Teaching and Learning promotes improved teaching and learning by encouraging and supporting efforts to explore the teaching and learning process. 
  3. COPE
    Cope Student Support Services provides a comprehensive range of student services to first generation, low income, or disabled students aimed at enhancing students’ academic, personal, financial, and social development, in order to increase their retention, graduation, and transfer to four-year colleges.
  4. Experience VU
    The mission of Experience VU is to increase retention, graduation, and/or transfer to a four-year institution through person-centered planning approaches that enhance academic, financial, personal, and social development for students with disabilities or students with disabilities and low income.
  5. STEP
    Student Transition into Educational Programs is designed to give LD students the opportunity to develop their own unique abilities and to achieve their highest academic potential.  Students will develop a sense of self-worth and the skills needed to function and learn independently in college.
  6. Student Success Center
    The Student Success Center is dedicated to improving Vincennes University student’s persistence and degree/certificate completion. All VU students are welcome to take advantage of opportunities offered by SSC. The SSC’s primary focus is to serve those students who enter VU with the greatest risk of not completing: students who may be undecided about a career path or major and those who need significant remediation.
  7. Summer Bridge
    The Vincennes University Summer Bridge Program is designed to provide incoming and freshman level students with a summer college orientation experience and the opportunity to get a head start on their academic goals.
  8. Transcripts
    Request your official transcript from Vincennes University.
  9. Tutoring and Labs 
    You can find free tutoring and labs for almost every single subject offered at VU.
  10. The Writing Center
    You have access to a great writing center, a benefit if you need a little help in class.

Take advantage of these resources for your academic success!